Thursday, March 10, 2005

Crime and Punishment

Seeing as Miss RedFox is so desperate for gossip, and she has been harassing me to update my blog for days, I refuse to write anything of much consequence today. (Nothing new really.) It is Miss RedFox's punishment for showing an interest in me! :o)

I would like to ask Miss RedFox's permission however to name my new lithops (succulent that looks like a bottom) Arsehat. She came up with the name and I feel that it is a rather appropriate name for a plant that looks like a bottom growing out of the crack of another bottom.

Speaking of lithops and bottoms, my other lithops, Bottom (or Bum), sadly died the other day. He just slowly turned to mush. :o( Poor Bottom.

I bought 2 new plants today. Cynthia the Succulent and Bottom 2 (who, should approval be granted, will be renamed Arsehat).

Anywho... in order to keep this post boring i'm going to finish now. Haha!!!


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