Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Fact: A baby echidna is called a puggle!

I forgot how good the Easter Show could be! Even in the rain!
I went to the Easter show yesterday with Miss Bear, Jono (her boyfriend), Mikey Cobra and their friend Sandy. It was freezing cold and it pissed down with rain, but it was a heap of fun! We saw the baby animals, and cows being milked, and the fruit displays, and the grand parade, and the clydesdales, and the other horsies, and the baa sheep, and the moo cows, and the dogs... and best of all, the showbags!!!! I haven't been to the show for years, since probably the first year it moved to Homebush, and I had a great time! I got home and I had no feeling in my hands and feet cos they were so cold and wet and the water line on my jeans was around my thighs. Let me tell you, a hot shower never felt so good!!!

Anywho... It's pissing down again today and i'm supposed to go into uni for a test and to sort out some registration stuff... but somehow I don't think that's gonna happen. I don't want to play in the rain again this week. Gonna go and eat my choccies out of my showbags!


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