Wednesday, December 22, 2004

How do you make a bandstand?

Take away their seats.

'Tis the season of stupid Christmas cracker jokes.

One of the best (and worst) things about having a big family is that christmas lasts for about a week! This is due to the fact that it is impossible to get all involved parties in the same space at the same time (due to both warring factions and the inability in my family to make firm committments).

This year we started with dinner on Monday at Mum's with her and my stepdad's side of the family, and this afternoon we had Christmas afternoon tea with my Nanna at her nursing home, then tonight we had our "Jewish christmas" at Dad's girlfriend's place, with my Dad's mum, who ate her first roast in 86 years tonight. Then on Christmas day it will be a fun filled morning doing showers and wiping arses at the nursing home followed by an evening of sailing with Mum and her husband and my Wombat.

Side note: Wombat and I have now been together for 3 months. Those of you that know me well will understand what an amazing feat this is.

I'm not sure if I will post again before christmas, unless I hear some seriously funny jokes...
So Cherry Mistmas to everyone! And I wish you all a snazzy new beer!

P.S. Speaking of jokes... did you hear the one about the 2 prostitutes walking down the street? Prostitute #1 asks her friend, "Have you ever been picked up by the fuzz before?"
Prostitute #2 replies, "Nope, but I've been swung by the tits a few times!"


At 9:21 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should be barred from this blog for subjecting your friends to shite jokes like these.

Cherry Mistmas yourself my lovely. Here's to many more BGC's in the new year.

Love and big sloppy kisses,


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