Friday, February 09, 2007


Here are some great photos of my "monkey man", who decided it would be a great idea to climb a tree on the copra plantation for some "nafele" (a kind of nut).

He thought he was being so clever and cool and decided to show off half-way up the tree...

In the process he gave me a complete heart attack and I was sure that he would fall... (Look how high up he is!!!!!!! AND he went even higher!!!!!!)

Needless to say, he lived to see another day (although I nearly killed him for scaring me half to death) and he promptly sat down with his cousin and his cousin's wife to enjoy his nuts. He's nuts.


At 11:12 pm, Blogger Bob-kat said...

Hi. Michele sent me to check out your cool pics. It looks gorgeous and warm there which is a world apart from the snow outside here at the moment! LOL.

I hope those nuts were worth the climb! That was pretty high up!!!

At 7:36 am, Blogger utenzi said...

Holy crap, Yaeli. How could you let him climb that far up! He coulda broken all sorts of things on the way down.

Like B-K said, I hope the nuts were worth it!

At 11:05 am, Blogger Shephard said...

Wow. I couldn't climb that tree! No way! He must be very brave!

Michele says hello!

At 11:13 am, Anonymous archshrk said...

So the big question is "were they worth it?" I mean I don't want to get off the couch for most nuts let alone climb a tree.

At 11:14 am, Anonymous archshrk said...

Ugh! I really hate blogger sometimes

At 11:36 am, Blogger Linda said...

that sounds like something I'd like to they ship them to the states?

Michele sent me...I'm gonna browse!

At 11:49 am, Blogger Carmi said...

He is amazingly courageous. Kudos to him for having the guts to do what most of us can only imagine - and for having such a great sense of humor about it.

He's clearly a great catch!

At 12:42 pm, Blogger Mr. Althouse said...

I think I'd have done the same thing. I don't often give sufficient consideration to potential danger. I wonder why that is?

Michele sent me,


At 2:27 pm, Blogger Catherine said...

What great pictures. I'm sure he is well used to climbing coconut trees and was really very safe.
Here from Michele's.

At 3:16 pm, Blogger Melody said...

Hi Yaeli, I haven't visited you in ages!!! Glad to see you are still around.

To have the abitly to climb a tree like that just simply boggles me. I could never be so brave or have the co-ordination to do so.

Michele sent me today but I'll be back!! Yippee.

At 3:21 pm, Anonymous Becky68 said...

Wow! what cool pictures, I bet it is warm there too. I hope you're having fun. Here from Micheles.

At 5:20 pm, Blogger Princess said...

Hi Yaeli,
thanks for stopping by!

Wow, those photos are amazing!

What were the nuts like? Where were these pics taken?


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At 11:09 am, Blogger David said...

vanuatu, now I am envious
here from michele

I like climbing trees

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