Thursday, September 30, 2004

I Rock!!!

God I am good!!!

After 3 hours of fighting with the computer and pretending that I could possibly know HTML (maybe one day), I have managed to put a new comments section on this blog!!!! (Please see previous postings regarding how much I suck with computer stuff for proof that this is a massive feat!)
As Bear said, "Hurrah, I out smarted the computer!"

My new SquawkBox comments thingo (I use very technical terminology) is easier for everyone to use. Much better than the one provided here on blogspot.

My next challenge will be to get a hit counter on the page... but I don't know if my stress levels will handle more HTML (tears were shed over the comments fiasco), so maybe I will leave it til later...

Then again, I am known as a glutton for punishment!

Once again, if anyone knows how to change the order of my postings so that the most recent ones are shown first, please let me know.

I rock!!!



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