Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Moved from Xanga - 30/9/04

Very much loving this spare time to write crap!!! God uni holidays are good... if only they were longer.

I must ask that the simplicity of my weblog be excused. Until recently I could barely turn my computer on, let alone navigate my way through the simple wizard that xanga uses to create your basic blog! Seeing as this website is my latest novelty, it stands to reason that I have been having a little play around with the settings (as much as I can). The reason that I chose xanga to host my blog was because it all seemed quite simple and easy to use for someone like me who is technologically illiterate. In a moment of sheer stupidity I decided to play with something called xanga skins, which you use to customise your page. I was really pleased when the site said that it had a little tutorial to show you how to use the skins option. I entered the tutorial and almost cried when on the first page it stated that one required a "working knowledge of HTML" in order to use the skin thing. I don't even have a not working knowledge of HTML. I don't know what HTML stands for and every time I'm required to use it, or even talk about it, I call my computer expert to do it for me. For me, finding out that HTML is required is equatable with finding a spider in the house... I scream, run away and get someone else to fix the problem for me.

I wonder why, seeing as I am of a generation that has been raised with computers, mobile phones and various other pieces of technology, I have been burdened (or could that be blessed?) with technological illiteracy. I can barely "drive" a Nokia 5110 mobile and I have been known to cry with frustration when my old boss wanted me to attach a few files to an e-mail that I was sending. Even my microwave has been known to get the better of me, more than once in fact!
But most of all, the only thing I have ever really wanted to know about a computer is how well it will fly out of an 11th storey window in the middle of Sydney city. To all those people I worked with who many times discouraged me from ever really finding out, I would like to say thanks. According to a very nice computer engineer that I met the other Saturday night, a computer will fly better out an 11th storey window if you tie one of the useless idiots from the IT department to it to add a bit more weight.

By the way, if the very nice computer engineer that I met the other Saturday night ever reads this: Had a great time. Call me.

Could technological illiteracy be genetic? Or is it just that my brain doesn't cope with these things as well as some others? We may never know... but one thing's for sure, technological illiteracy most certainly is a laughing matter.



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